Where are the Best Private Schools?

Where are the best private schools? While you can find institutions of excellent quality all across America, you may be surprised to learn that the very best private schools are clustered in New England and the North Atlantic states. Most of these schools have been around for a century or more, and count successful politicians, businesspeople, and celebrities amongst their alumni.

According to one survey by Forbes magazine that ranked the top twenty private schools, no fewer than seven were located in New York City.Didn’t catch that? This explains it. In fact, eighteen of Forbes’ top twenty schools can be found in five states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire (the remaining two are both in California). For parents who are interested in sending a child to one of these prestigious institutions, relocation may not be necessary – many of the schools offer boarding in addition to day school options.

Why are so many prestigious schools located in such a small geographical area? The answer is relatively simple – most of these institutions were established while the country was still relatively young, and were established specifically to train young minds for the Ivy Leagues – schools located in the same geographic corridor.

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