Is Private School Right for My Child?

In the current economy, many parents are wondering whether or not private school is the right option for their child. While tuition costs for private schools may be on the rise, it is important to consider why this is the case. Public schools are now facing a media onslaught due to increased danger and lower academic scores, and this is in large part due to a lack of funding. In addition, the public teaching sector is suffering a dangerous level of “brain drain” due to the best instructors finding higher paid private teaching positions where they feel they can really make a difference.The whole story can be found at

With a private school, you pay for smaller class sizes, advanced equipment and more experienced teachers. Students that falter in public schools may thrive with the one-on-one attention that a private school can offer; this is because every student learns differently. Private schools also give students more preparation for college. Graduates of public high schools often find themselves overwhelmed and confused once they hit University, leading to many lost semesters as they struggle to acclimate.

So, is private school right for your child? If your child is thriving already in a public environment, it may not be vital that they transfer to a private school. However, if your child is having academic problems, it needs to be considered that the issue may lie not with them, but in their learning environment.

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