Parent Teacher Conferences and What You Should Know

Parent and teacher conferences are occasionally a source of stress for both the parents and the teachers. In order to have a productive conference, parents need to keep several things in mind. Remember it is much easier to communicate your concerns to a teacher when you have been in communication all along. Teachers appreciate parents who want to stay involved, so help out by trying to follow up about behavior and grades before a problem even starts. Most parents want conferences when a child brings home a poor grade or below average report card. By this time, however, it is often too late. Staying in contact with the teacher on an ongoing basis will not only help avoid those end of the quarter grading shocks, but it will also help tackle any behavior issues before it gets out of hand. When conference time comes, you will not be stunned to find out your sweet angel has another side in the classroom, or that your child is suddenly failing. In order to help your chlid be successful, keeping up with what is going on in the classroom should be an ongoing process, not fifteen minutes at the end of each quarter.

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