How to talk to Your Children’s Teacher

Setting up a parent-teacher meeting can be just as nerve wracking for you as it is for your child’s teacher. In order to avoid stress and get the most out of the meeting, parents need to keep several things in mind. First, it is a good idea to keep an open line of communication ongoing with your child’s teacher. Sending periodic emails and putting in a phone call while things are good in the classroom helps establish a connection with the teacher, and shows you are committed to helping see your child succeed. Second, remember that when a situation involving grades or behavior arises, your child’s teacher may have some insight that your child failed to share with you. Although it is easy to jump on the “my child is perfect” bandwagon, listen openly and honestly to the concerns the teacher is trying to convey. Addditionally, when a meeting is needed, be sure to email or call with an agenda of what you want to discuss, so the teacher can be prepared for the meeting as well. Letting your child see that both you and the teacher are on the same page will help them be more successful at school!

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